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Mallory was 4 years old when she took her first piano lessons in Valparaiso, Chile. A year later, she had her first piano performance. After a few years, she auditioned to the most prestigious school in the region, the conservatory of music Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. Although she was admitted at age 9, her family was not able to cover the costs until she reapplied and earned a scholarship at age 12. At the Conservatory, she was able to study Music Theory and Ear training next to her college level peers. At the same time, she began Ballet lessons at the Academia Dora Waleska where later on, she would become the main soloist of the academy. She also began playing the pipe organ for a Church under the tutoring of Sybil Hammersley who had heard Mallory play the piano and suggested to assist her during the liturgical services.

When Mallory was 16 years old, she performed her last ballet as a soloist and traveled to the United States for the first time since she was a child, to expand her musical studies. However, these first years were not easy as she had to study the language on her own, worked 2 jobs and was preparing for her auditions for college in Maine.

She graduated with honors and won scholarships to eventually enroll and attend Indiana University of Bloomington, Jacobs School of Music to study organ with Dr. Janette Fishell. Mallory continued to have 2 jobs and practice diligently. Her hard work gave her the opportunity to attend the French Organ Music Seminar and Festival with a scholarship where she could play and visit the pipe organs of Switzerland, Italy and France. Her highlights were to play Jehan Alain's pipe organ, a master class with one of her idols Daniel Roth, play the Cavaille-Coll at St. Sulpice Paris and to play the primary pipe organ of the St. Peter's Basilica located in Vatican City. 

The organist gives concerts of different genres and all over the world. Only last year, the young performer played several concerts in the United States, and did a concert series in Chile and  Argentina. Mallory's performances can be found on her YouTube channel: Mallory Haney Organista.

Mallory is currently located in Los Angeles, California where she recently graduated from her Master's in Organ Performance with acclaimed performer, Professor Cherry Rhodes under a full tuition scholarship. She is continuing her organ studies at University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music with a Graduate Certificate under the Robertson Scholarship for Organ Performance which will also cover her studies. She is constantly giving concerts and plays for events while holding a piano and organ studio where she privately teaches individuals of varied levels.

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